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Grandpa Diary #101


Dear Elise,

It was so much fun to be with you at a time I didn’t know you would be there. Uncle David and I went to see your Uncle Matt play lacrosse at his high school. Grandma was there with Aunt Kelly and Sam, Aunt Kim, and then, what a surprise, you and your sister with your mommy and daddy!

It was a real kick seeing you getting passed around like a little package to everyone who was there in the stands. Then, when it was my turn, I was really excited to hold you because I didn’t bring a jacket and you were my mini-warmer!



Grandpa Diary #30


Dear Kaylee,

Why is it so easy for you to smile? This always happens. All we have to do is smile first. We make eye contact with you, wait a bit, and then there it is: Bright smile.

We can learn from this. The urge to smile that we have doesn’t go away when you get older. It is still there. We might be able to resist it, but not for long. You see Kaylee, when you make eye contact and smile at most people, even if they are strangers, they will smile back. It’s just how we are designed by God.

You have a wonderful tool that God uses to bring joy to your mommy and daddy. And, because God has unlimited love, there is more than enough joy to go around. Your mommy is a math teacher, so she will explain to you God’s math. It starts with infinite love. Infinite joy.

So, the more love you give away, the more love you receive. The more joy that you share with others, the more joy you receive. You can’t outgive God. Always more than you need so you can overflow with what he is giving you.

Keep smiling Kaylee- you are making the world around you different.