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Hansons and Hermans

Grandpa Diary #71

Dear Kaylee,

We had so much fun at Christmas celebrating the birth of baby Jesus with our baby. You were all over the place everywhere with all the Christmas lights and decorations. Lights you call, “Da!” You can point out the different colors when I say them and point to the specific light on the tree. You know blue, yellow, green, and red.

Your Mommy’s highlight for Christmas is you went “potty” in your potty for the first time. She gives you a book to look at to distract you. Much like most of the rest of us. Grandpa likes to read Sports Illustrated.

Grandpa’s highlight with you was Christmas Eve when you came up for the children’s message and helped me tell the Christmas story. I had little carved wooden animals and asked you what they said.

What does a cow say?

What does a donkey say? (or horsey, for you)

What does a sheep say?

Everyone knew which animal were which. Thanks for the help.



Grandpa Diary #70

Dear Kaylee,

We had fun the other night when your mommy and daddy celebrated their third anniversary. They went to a restaurant called “Salt Creek Grille,” where they had delicious steak. You and I spent the night running around your house and reading your books. The highlight for me was when it was time for you to go to bed. Grandpa has never put you to bed at night before and so I haven’t watched you brush your teeth. You did a great job!

Grandpa brushes his teeth a lot and enjoys having that clean mouth feeling. Our teeth are very important to us. We both love to eat!