more about me…

Kaylee and Grandpa!Hi, I’m Dana Hanson, originally from Racine,Wisconsin (born 1956), and I have lived in LA for the past 31 years. I am pastor of LIFEhouse Church (ELCA) in Northridge. We have a Preschool and a 280 student public charter elementary school on campus. I have been at LIFEhouse for those 31 years, starting as a youth pastor.

I am an author, coach to pastors, radio show podcaster, and regular contributor to Life & Liberty Magazine. I am active in our community in a variety of ways, most recently as I volunteer as Boy’s High School varsity basketball coach at a local public charter school.

I am a bit of a gym rat, and love golfing, hiking, snorkeling in Maui, and going anywhere with my beautiful bride. Especially, spending time with our kids and now, with the most beautiful, wonderful little girl in the whole word. Our baby girl’s baby girl- Kaylee!

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