Grandpa Diary #135

Kaylee and Elise@ Disneyland

Dear Kaylee,

You are six years old! It seems like only yesterday that you were a little baby, but not anymore. You are going into First Grade! This summer has been so much fun as you get to be a big sister twice over. You help mommy with baby Alexis and you play with Elise so mommy can focus on the baby.

You and Elise do a lot of arguing and fighting, but you are trying to get better at doing stuff without the “drama” of sisterhood. We have been talking about how helping is a good thing to do and how you are the oldest and so get the most responsibility.

Grandpa likes when you ask lots of questions like:

“Why didn’t Adam and Eve come out of their mommy?”

They were the first people who were made by God without a mommy.

“Who made God?”

God has alway been alive. With our world there has to be at least one creator who is outside of our world.  The world can’t make itself.

Then you like to find out about relatives.

“Grandpa, you are mommy’s daddy. Then your mommy had you. That’s my great grandma. Then her mommy had her. That’s my great great grandma…”

And so it goes…

I am so glad you got to go to Disneyland as a whole new family! The new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened this year. Your mommy said you followed the Stormtroopers wherever they went! The “bad” guys are usually the most interesting, but don’t follow the bad guys in real life! They end up getting zapped…


I heard you even got to try a beignet! Grandpa ate too many of those in New Orleans! But that’s another story…




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