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Grandpa Diary #106












Dear Elise,

Your mommy is back teaching school and so Nana and Grandpa get to be with you every week day! It is so much fun for Grandpa, because there are extra times I can be with you and watch you grow. You are rio much fun because you like to do everything.  I call you easy-going and full of joy and wonder.

It is a challenge being a baby sister, though. Kaylee has a hard time letting you play with her toys. Your mommy has a good rule to follow. Kaylee can’t take a toy away from you without replacing it with another toy to play with. That seems to work much better…

Kaylee is in preschool two days a week, so you get extra Nana time. I notice that hierarchy when it comes from quieting after you are upset. If mommy or daddy is around, you want them. Then Nana is next in line. Then me. Nana likes to tease me by holding you and then saying, “Do you want to go to Grandpa?” You get a real big smile on your face, reach over for me, and then you turn and hug Nana tight, instead!

That’s OK with me, because I get plenty of hugs:)