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Grandpa Diary #127

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Dear Kaylee and Elise,

You finally met your Great Grandpa Hanson! We all went back for the wedding of mommy’s cousin Liz in Wisconsin. You met her and husband Nate when they visited California last year. The wedding was wonderful and a big surprise came afterword.

Your great grandpa Hanson lived in Minneapolis and you had never met him. He loves you both so much and talks about you all the time. Shows your pictures to everyone where he lived. But, we thought you would never meet him because you can’t travel.

Then he had a heart attack and got real sick, but now he is better. In order to be close to your Great Uncle David and Great Aunt Shari, Great Grandpa moved to Chicago! So, even though we we thought it would never happen, it did!

We visited Great Grandpa! You had so much fun playing with him and getting to know him! After Great Grandma died, Great Grandpa said the biggest blessing in his life is that you two were born! We thank God you all were together!

Grandpa cried tears of joy along with your mommy on that day…