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Grandpa Diary #63


Dear Kaylee,

Your mommy is back at school again and so guess what? You’re at our house again! Nana, Uncle David, Zeus, and Grandpa are loving it! Nana has been getting everything ready for you. She has duplicated some of your favorite playthings so you have them in both locations. It’s hilarious watching you pushing your shopping cart with all the groceries you are buying, for instance. Your favorite thing is still sitting on our laps and reading a book together. But now, that’s all the lap time you want. If it’s just sitting, you get squirmy/ wormy and you are ready to move.

Yes, Kaylee, all you want to do is walk. Everywhere. That, and play with Zeus. He is the most excited of all that he gets to see you again. You are excited, too, because the first thing you say when you walk in the door is, “Daaag, daaaag,” and you run up to him. Nana said it was so sweet that yesterday you just laid next to Zeus and hugged him. She sent me a picture. Your buddy.