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Grandpa and Kaylee selfie at the beach

Grandpa Diary #73

Dear Kaylee,

We had so much fun at the beach. You were fascinated by the waves and the water. You were ready to jump right in…Until I walked you down there and the waves came over your ankles. That was a bit too much and you wanted to go back further away from the waves!

I set up camp with 11 buckets I got that my friends’ kids who are now grown up used to use. They are young ladies who are a sophomore in college and a senior in high school. The buckets want to get back into action!

So, I got a bucket and put a bit of ocean water into it. You proceeded to pour that all over yourself. You learned that you play with the water, you don’t wear it. It’s fun watching you play and then joining you. We are good diggers together.

But, then just like a dog who chases a squirrel, every time sea gulls come by us you have to take off after them. Waving and saying, “Bye, bye,” when they fly away and hesitating if they get too close.

You definitely are a beach person, which will make Nana quite happy, as she is the Queen of the Beach.