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Grandpa Diary #95


Dear Kaylee,

We like to talk to each other on the phone or on Facetime. One of the things you say frequently is, “Grandpa, where you at?”

Now I don’t know who taught you that phrase, but I always smile when you say it. Then I will often reply, “Kaylee, where you at?” And we go around for awhile.

Many times when we talk, it is during the day and I will answer, “I’m at the church.” That’s when I am on campus at LIFEhouse. I used to say, “At work,” but that is not a location. I can say, “Where your pictures are,” because Grandpa Wall is right in front of me in my study.

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It is a real treat when you come and visit me at the church on Wednesdays. That’s when you and baby sister come over sometimes with Nana to see Grandpa and his friends. You know the lay of the land, and soon you can show Elise where Grandpa keeps the toys and easel!




Grandpa Diary #94



Dear Elise,

You are already two months old! Grandpa has been praying lots for you because you have had an infection. In fact, you had to stay in the hospital overnight. Your mommy stayed with you and your daddy took care of Kaylee. On New Year’s Eve we usually have a special dinner to celebrate the New Year. You were in Children’s Hospital on New Year’s Eve, and got to go home that night.












Here’s a picture of Grandpa, Uncle David, Uncle Greg, and Mommy having our New Year’s Eve hamburgers in the hospital cafeteria. Mommy is eating an ice cream cone, too. Oh, well, next year we will have steak and crab legs, OK? No more hospitals, little girl…