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Grandpa Diary #56


Dear Kaylee,

It’s Monday and I didn’t see you this morning. Your mommy is on summer break from school now. I attended the graduations for her middle school and high school. They were very inspiring to see all the kids your mommy teaches move forward and for me to see all the seniors on our basketball team graduate, too. Your mommy was chosen by the students to be the speaker at graduation and she did very well. Some of her phrases sounded strangely familiar…

So, here’s the scoop. Nana and Grandpa don’t need to watch you while mommy is at school because she is on vacation. I could already see the change today because there were no puffs on the floor that I had to pick up when I left home. You know how you like to take a fist full of them and then try to get one into your mouth at a time? Usually, it’s more like a bread crumb trail in Hansel and Gretel from the living room to the office where you are trying to find me.

Well, you know Nana and I will see you often, just not five days a week (Actually, I can’t speak for Nana…). I know that I will “find” many more reasons to be out in Valencia this summer. I will go golfing out there with Uncle David and then say, “O, I wonder what Kaylee is doing?” In fact, I can do that when I am off on Fridays and then we can have some “Grandpa Day’s” this summer.