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Grandpa Diary #69

Dear Kaylee,

We sure had fun on Grandpa Day, Friday. We went to the annual Thanksgiving Feast@ LIFEhouse Christian Preschool and you had a ball! You sat at a table in a chair with the big kids and sampled everything placed before you. My favorite was when you ate the jello. I have never seen you eat jello before and with your spoon deftly moving to keep up with the jello, it made me laugh!

The other children at the preschool know who you are because they know Grandpa as Pastor Dana. That is why they were all shouting my name, hugging me and wanting me to play with them. You didn’t mind this because you like to do those kinds of things with Grandpa, too. The children also would crowd around you and they hugged you or held your hand and called you, “Baby.” They treated you with tender care and wanted you to join them in their activity. I enjoyed watching you just take it all in.

We will share a Thanksgiving feast again this week with family. What a great time for you because of how much you like to eat…


Grandpa Diary #68


Dear Kaylee,

You have been busy learning lately. Your mommy says you understand about 25 words so far. I say just so you know “Grandpa,” which you pronounce “Bapa,” is the most important. I know not everyone is going to agree to that!

You can’t believe how much fun it is to be around you. Not only do you bring pure joy, but you also are hilarious in your actions. You grunt when you climb up onto the couch because you hear us grunt when we are doing something strenuous, like lifting you up. You have a creeping type of walk where you move up and down as well as forward like you are sneaking up on someone. Then there are the head nods which signify,

“That’s right. I’ll take a cracker. Uh, huh, I’ll take some water.”

My favorite has to be when you grab a book and say, “Book, book,” and then climb up in my lap and plop down to page through the book with the most studious look on your face.

Or sometimes you are spending lap time doing stuff like trying to eat a watermelon whole and realizing the skin doesn’t taste like the fruit inside…

Kaylee, the lap is always available.