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Grandpa Diary #98- Grandpa Blogger

my little hobbit

Dear Kaylee,

You and Grandpa went on our first hike in the woods. This is a creek bed where the Los Angeles River actually begins. I had so much fun teaching you about woods, paths, trails, and fields. This wooded area is right below high rocky hills and so we had the chance to talk about Jesus living in an area just like this in Nazareth. He would have hiked and played in the woods, too!

I knew if I gave you a walking stick you would pick it up instantly by watching Grandpa with his stick. Then a man came by with a hiking stick, too, and you said, “Him has a stick like me.”

You found many small pebbles you wanted to choose special for mommy, daddy, nana, grandma, and aunts and uncles. By the time you were done your little pockets were full and you had to put them in Grandpa’s pack!

I knew you would be interested in going on a hike, I just didn’t know how far to take you. There are some pretty step parts of the trail. Well, you did it. We hiked over three miles! Of course we do that at the zoo, as well, so I should’t be surprised.

I can’t wait to go again, my little hobbit!