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Grandpa Diary #105








Dear Kaylee,


You have expanded my life in so many ways. Here are five.


5. I am more patient now than I ever was. Interesting how you learn to take time if someone wants to tight rope walk on every curb (always holding grandpa’s hand of course).

4. I hum better. Your nanna knows I hum, and it drives her a bit batty, but you simply imitate me and so we hum our way through so many things in life.

3. I notice things I haven’t noticed in years. Different birds chirping, dogs barking from blocks away, lizards scampering and the best of all, someone who notices when her Grandpa enters a room.

2. I am constantly inspired at how great a mommy and daddy you have.

1.I am amazed by how much of a gift of blessing your nanna is to you and how it keeps growing.


Happy Birthday, Sweet sweets!





Grandpa Diary #104















Dear Elise,

You are eight months old now and the exciting news is you know how to say, “Momma!” Usually this means, “Grandpa you can’t hold me right now because I want to eat.”

We went to the Santa Clarita 4th of July parade. Your mommy likes to take comparison pictures by dressing you the same as Kaylee on some occasions. Well, Grandpa forgot her methodology and wore the wrong hat! It doesn’t matter though, you really do look like you older sister. And you keep your hat on longer than she does, too.

Good job, Elise!