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Grandpa Dairy #114


Dear Elise,

Well, Grandpa Diary is back after a hiatus. We have been so busy living life together, I keep forgetting to pause and write about it! So, here goes.

Elise, I know you love your sister. You call her, “Sissy.” She likes to call you, “Baby.” You follow her everywhere she goes. You try to imitate everything she does. This is good…well, most of the time. Just don’t do the stuff that gets you into trouble.

It is so fun to watch the two of you play. Adults work and children play. Your play is not just something you do for fun, but plays an important role in your development. Playing together even helps your brains grow in a healthy way!

Why? By playing together you work on learning to build relationships, and the joy you share helps to grow your brains. When you have conflict you learn to deal with it…or at least until Mommy or Daddy intervenes! One of my favorite times to watch you two together is when you are playing duets on our piano. Just remember, fingers, not slamming down with your whole hand!

Another thing you are learning is there is yours and there is mine. I know it gets confusing to tell the difference sometimes. Then the tug-of-war for whatever toy or other object begins. Eventually, you will learn there is enough to go around when you play together, but in the meantime, go at it; I get a certain amount of entertainment watching you tussle for awhile…