Monthly Archives: January 2015

Grandpa Diary #72


Dear Kaylee,

It’s been a while since I have written, but I have seen you several times this past month. We were together all day on Friday, Grandpa Day, out at your house. Nanna was sick last week, so we kept you away from her because you can’t resist. Well, you and I were sick too, we just didn’t know it, yet!

We went to breakfast first at your favorite place, Dinks, where you had french toast. I have so much fun watching you want to do everything for yourself. I put a straw in a little bottle of milk, but you want to hold the bottle and drink it like Grandpa. I sneak a hand on the bottom of the bottle if I can, but you poured a little down you shirt anyway. You are too fast for me.

We went to the park afterward and you especially love the swing. Or, “-ing” as you call it. Here is the thing. You have Grandpa push you, but you also want Grandpa swinging next to you. If I don’t get in that swing, your arm goes out pointing, “Bapa, Bapa, Bapa…” and you finally wear me down and I start swinging again with you.

You met another little girl on the slide. Her name was “Grace.” You just stand there fascinated while you look at her face. Whenever you meet someone new, you examine them as if they are the most interesting person in the world. People are that interesting and I hope you will keep that interest. Everyone has great stories to tell.

Back home to nap and then you woke up cranky. Mommy and Daddy got home early and it was off to the doctor you go. Strep throat. Grandpa was in bed all day the next day too.

Guess we all play and share love and share everything else, too…

Everyone is better this week!