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Grandpa Diary #119


Dear Elise,


Well, you are two years old now! It was so much fun celebrating your birthday on Friday, but I guess I realized for the first time it is a really big week for you because of how much you like Halloween! It’s only three days before! Your mommy always loved Halloween, so of course, you and your sister love it, too.


Your mommy is used to having a birthday close to another special day because her birthday is only two days after Christmas. Lots of things happening at once.


I got a special treat for Halloween this year. I got to go trick or treating with you! Usually Nana goes out by you and I stay home to hand out candy, but this year Nana stayed home to hand out candy and went out by you.


We had such a great time! All you did was go to a few houses, and then began eating candy. You didn’t need to stock up anymore, because your sister would go to the door and the people would give her candy, and then they would see you in the wagon we pulled along, and they would give her candy for you, too! I don’t know how this set up is going to last, but you sure enjoyed it.


Well, now we have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. And Aunt Kelly and Uncle Sam are getting married, too. We will have so much fun!


By the way, do you have any candy left?