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Grandpa Diary #120

santa cry 25075152_10212409547088551_6915859559816098555_ophoto booth

Dear Elise and Kaylee,


How much fun is it to spend this Christmas time with you? Lots!! We have been reading Christmas stories, singing Christmas songs, and we had so much fun at your Preschool Christmas program.


Kaylee, you were so attentive and sang all the songs with all the hand motions as if your life depended on it! This so much reminded me of your mommy when she was your age and in our churches’ preschool Christmas. It doesn’t seem that many years ago…


Elise and Kaylee, you had such a fun time being in the wedding of your Aunt Kelly and Uncle Sam. We had so much fun, and Nana and I loved watching you dance! Grandpa couldn’t dance with you because he hurt his leg, but watching was almost as good.


Elise, Santa brings you presents even if you don’t want to sit on his lap! Nana and I tried again when Santa visited by our house, but that didn’t work, either. Oh, well, even though Santa is a nice man, I don’t want to sit on his lap, either!


More stories to come the next couple of weeks as Christmas gets closer…