Grandpa Diary #29

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Dear Kaylee,

Happy Halloween! You are our little pumpkin and you are visiting your mommy’s school today so her students can see you in your ballerina pumpkin 1st Halloween costume. Your mommy is dressed like Amy (Dr. Fowler) from “The Big Bang Theory.” You’ll have to look that one up when you get older…

Lucky Nana is bringing you to lunch with her friends and then taking you over to the school. You did visit me today, so you could trick or treat with the preschool kids at our parade, so I didn’t get too jealous.

Kaylee, make sure mommy reads “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” to you. It is one of her favorite Halloween memories.

My favorite part of Halloween today was, of course, kissing you on the cheeks over a dozen times. This is like taking vitamins and your cheeks are my daily allotment. So, no matter what candy I eat today, you will still be the sweetest treat!


One thought on “Grandpa Diary #29

  1. I enjoy all your Blogs so much! What a wonderful idea for your grand daughter to read when she is older! I have given two books to my grandson, AJ, from Hallmark. You can read The Night Before Christmas and one other in your own voice and the lock it, So my AJ will hear my voice when I am not around. Happy Halloween to you and your family! Again, thank you for mentoring my Robbie along his path to God! Affectionately, Saundra Kelly (Rob Reeds Mother)

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