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Grandpa Diary #125

Girl's at Easter

Dear Elsie,

You love to “go to church” where Grandpa is pastor. We had a great Easter together and your daddy cooked the Easter Breakfast! You and Kaylee always connect me with God and Jesus stories. When your mommy asks, “Do you want Grandpa to read you a story?” Kaylee, you reply, “OK, where is the Bible book?”

But my favorite story about this common theme just happened. Elise you were jumping by your mommy and daddy’s bed and you slipped and hit your chin. That wouldn’t have been too bad, but you bit your lip and had an “owie.”

Later, you mommy watched you by yourself on the couch. You didn’t see her, but you folded your hands and said,

“Dear God and Grandpa, please make my “owie” better. The end.”


Sean cooking