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Grandpa Diary #115

Dear Kaylee,


Well, you did it! You are now four years old! It is such a wonderful time in your exploring life. You are having so much fun finding out about your world and the people in it. You have such a great sense of humor and you are kind to those around you, even your baby sister, Elise! So, what did we do on your birthday?




























This whole last week you have been doing many fun things because your mommy’s cousin, Liz and her fiancé, Nate came to visit you. We had lots of adventures while they were here.

We went to the Reagan Library to see exhibits about one of our presidents and you got to go on his special jet and helicopter. We also saw a whole bunch of things about the Titanic.

Then on the night before your birthday, we went out to eat and you go a great big ice cream Sunday all by yourself! Your birthday party with family and your friends will be Sunday. I won’t say anything about it, yet, but will keep you posted.