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Grandpa Diary #98- Grandpa Blogger

my little hobbit

Dear Kaylee,

You and Grandpa went on our first hike in the woods. This is a creek bed where the Los Angeles River actually begins. I had so much fun teaching you about woods, paths, trails, and fields. This wooded area is right below high rocky hills and so we had the chance to talk about Jesus living in an area just like this in Nazareth. He would have hiked and played in the woods, too!

I knew if I gave you a walking stick you would pick it up instantly by watching Grandpa with his stick. Then a man came by with a hiking stick, too, and you said, “Him has a stick like me.”

You found many small pebbles you wanted to choose special for mommy, daddy, nana, grandma, and aunts and uncles. By the time you were done your little pockets were full and you had to put them in Grandpa’s pack!

I knew you would be interested in going on a hike, I just didn’t know how far to take you. There are some pretty step parts of the trail. Well, you did it. We hiked over three miles! Of course we do that at the zoo, as well, so I should’t be surprised.

I can’t wait to go again, my little hobbit!



Grandpa Diary #97- Grandpa Blogger

Kaylee and Elise Grandpa Blogger



I know you are growing up quick, but I know something else. You want your sister to grow up quicker. You try to give her cups of tea, you dance around her when she is laying on the floor, and now with her new jumper, you are trying to get her to play with the toys surrounding her.

Kaylee, Elise will get there soon! You are going to have so much fun doing so many things with your sister, but in the meantime, you get to learn something Grandpa continues to learn:


So, keep talking to Elise, read her a book, show her fun toys, let her hold your “lovey” once in a while, and most of all, keep hugging her and kissing her because she really loves that!



Grandpa Diary #96- Grandpa Blogger

Elise GrandpaBlogger

Dear Kaylee and Elise,

Nana and I get to take care of you on different days and we love it. You both bring so much joy in different ways.

Elise, this is the time where you are learning to smile. Just last week, you smiled at me for the first time when I walked up to you. I didn’t even have to get the ball rolling with my sing song Grandpa talk!

Kaylee and the Komono

Kaylee, the zoo is becoming a regular place for us. We have down our routine about seeing the animals and avoiding the “snakes, lizards, and dark places.” Imagine my surprise when you asked me to see the lizard recently. All on your own and you picked the Komodo Lizard of all things!

Can’t wait to think of what is going to happen next with you two…



Grandpa Diary #70

Dear Kaylee,

We had fun the other night when your mommy and daddy celebrated their third anniversary. They went to a restaurant called “Salt Creek Grille,” where they had delicious steak. You and I spent the night running around your house and reading your books. The highlight for me was when it was time for you to go to bed. Grandpa has never put you to bed at night before and so I haven’t watched you brush your teeth. You did a great job!

Grandpa brushes his teeth a lot and enjoys having that clean mouth feeling. Our teeth are very important to us. We both love to eat!


Grandpa Diary #39

close up Christmas Kaylee

Dear Kaylee,

Well, your first Christmas is over. I am writing this as I look at a framed picture of you sitting on Santa’s lap. You two got along fine. Yes, Christmas was a whole lot of pictures of Kaylee in many different Christmas outfits. You were involved in much hustle and bustle, but you didn’t seem to mind. Several dinners in restaurants even, and you made it just fine.

My favorite memory of your first Christmas is about the real Christmas. When we celebrate Jesus being born. This is a big deal. What does it mean?

It means we can finally understand God for the first time because he comes to us on our terms. If we are going to be in a relationship with God, he has to address us in our terms, in a way we will understand. And so God does.

God comes as Jesus and, Kaylee, everybody gets it. Who doesn’t love a baby? Who doesn’t want to be around a baby? O, people may think they don’t want to be around a baby, and then one actually shows up and smiles, and all bets are off.

So, what is my favorite first Christmas memory of you?

You are at the altar when Grandpa is telling all the children the Christmas story. Your mommy sits with you off to the side. My baby girl with her baby girl listening to the good news of Jesus.

What could be better?

Now we get it.


Grandpa Diary #38



photo (7)

Dear Kaylee,

Well, it is time for you to start eating some food. You have your first tooth!

I guess there isn’t much you are going to chew with that one tooth, but now your mom and dad are going to start giving you cereal. This is just one of those milestones that are so much fun. When I had the chance to feel your tooth in your mouth, it reminded me of going fishing.

Except this time I caught a Kaylee fish and I am not going to throw here back!




Grandpa Diary #37


Dear Kaylee,

Grandpa is interested in brain research and he is reading a great book, Joy Starts Here. The brain research author, James Wilder, says God wires our brains for joy. The part of the book that I liked most was about how important it is to have a high-joy atmosphere connected to feeding in a babies’ life. Here is a quote.

“Infants respond with joy to being fed, held, and stroked. Pleasant smells, being kept at just the right temperature, smiles and warm voice tone bring joy. Babies respond with joy to being fed good things. This joy at being fed is designed to bond the baby and the feeder together.”

That’s you, Kaylee. You bring so much joy to everyone who sees you. And the best time is when you eat, isn’t it? Your mommy feeds you with her milk and hugs you close. Your daddy feeds you with a bottle with mommy’s milk and hugs you close. During the week, Nana and Grandpa get to feed you and hug you close. You are just one little bonding machine!

I love when you look up at me when I am feeding you. There is pure trust in your eyes. For all of us who feed you, God is creating an imprint that will last the rest of our lives.

Here’s Grandpa’s promise. I will always feed you and will always be filled with joy at my Kaylee. I know this not because of me, but because God is the one who gives me this kind of love, and with God, you never have to worry about being loved. He’s got that one figured out. And he’s so smart he connects joy from the very beginning with feeding. Something you have to do several times a day. How amazing is that?


Grandpa Diary #36

photo (21)

Dear Kaylee,

Happy five months! You are sure getting to be a big girl. As we talked about earlier this week, it was your mommy and daddys’ wedding anniversary on Tuesday. The second anniversary is a “cotton” anniversary, so your mommy gave your daddy some clothes and your daddy cooked your mommy a wonderful dinner with dessert, all made from scratch, because your daddy is a great cook! He even studied at cooking school.

What about the cotton? Your daddy had cotton scented candles…

Kaylee, I’ll tell you a story about your mommy relating to your daddy. When they started going out, your mommy was pretty interested in your daddy. Then, later, I knew she was really interested because we had a daddy/ daughter talk.

We were in Maui in August, and we went for a walk along the beach at night. It was a beautiful night (always is in Maui as you will find out) and we sat on a rock wall next to the beach. Your mommy was telling me all about your daddy, and I knew, “O, O,” this could be the “one.”

Well, sure enough, your daddy was the “one.” Still is, except this time, now your mommy has the one, your daddy; your daddy has the one, your mommy; and together they have the one…

You, Kaylee


Grandpa Diary #35


Dear Kaylee,

Well, today is a special day for your mommy and daddy. It is their second wedding anniversary! Only two short years ago today they were married at our church. It was a beautiful wedding filled with so much joy.

Kaylee, guess what? At your mommy and daddy’s wedding, Grandpa got to pretend he was like Superman…

Here is what happened.

As you know, Grandpa is a pastor, but at weddings it is the custom for the father of the bride to walk her down the aisle. So, what do I do?

Well, I walked your mommy down the aisle wearing my tuxedo, and then gave your mommy to your daddy as the sign of our blessing. Then, I quickly went behind the altar and took my coat off and put on my robe and came back to your mommy and daddy as the pastor, ready to continue the service.

Madonna? Beyonce? Gaga? They got nothing on Grandpa!

Kaylee, chances are, someday you are going to get married. You will meet a special man like your mommy did and then your daddy will walk you down the aisle. I pray to God that I will be there waiting as the pastor, and this time, I can just keep my robe on and not have to do a “costume change.”