Monthly Archives: November 2013

Grandpa Diary #33


Dear Kaylee,

I sure am glad they invented Facetime and Google +. You can make a video call and see someone, as well as talk to them. This was especially good when I was visiting my mommy and daddy, so they got the chance to see you “live.” They enjoyed that so much! Got the chance to see you smile and make faces.

My favorite thing is like what happened last night. I called your mommy on Google+ and she said you had been fussy. Yep, you were doing a bit of whining in your crib, but when your mommy put the phone in front of you and I said, “Kaaaayleeee! Kaaaayleeeee!” you stopped whining and broke out in a big smile.

Grandpa’s voice did the trick!

It is funny how my voice calms you down when, of course, I am a pretty loud person. So, for you, loud means, “Grandpa!”

I can whisper to you, too, so I guess that will sound like a normal person and Nana will like that better…

Loud Grandpa

Grandpa Diary #32


Dear Kaylee,

I am on my way to the airport. I am visiting my mommy and daddy in Minnesota. We saw them in July, but I need to see them again. It is really hard for my mommy to remember me at all. I am hoping when she sees me and hugs me, a part of her brain will click into a thought that says,

“I know this guy. He’s my little boy. My Dudey.”

Your great-grandma always called me, “Dudey.” or “Dude,” or “Dudeblatz.”

I have no idea how we came up with that last one!

You know I have about 12 names I call you. The one I use the most is Kaylee Q.” Or just, “Q.”

I don’t know why I call you this, Kaylee Q, but it just fits!


Grandpa Diary #31


Dear Kaylee,

Well, you are four months old today. Happy four months! You must be eating quite a bit because you now weigh twice what you weighed at birth. You are just about 15 pounds, which is about the weight of my bowling ball. So, you know what’s coming…

Kaylee, my little bowling ball!

Grandma gave me a picture frame for two pictures and one of them is you doing your best imitation of Katy Perry singing, “Roar!”


Katy Perry is one of the most popular singers in the world right now. She started out as a Christian gospel singer. Her dad is a pastor just like Grandpa. I have her first album with songs about faith and Jesus. She wrote every song on that album herself. Even as a teenager, she had an amazing voice.

Here is how you can compare yourself to Grandpa. When I was your age, the most popular singer was also a Christian who sang faith songs, but he too is much more famous for his other work. His name is Elvis Presley. “Heartbreak Hotel” was the #1 song when I was born.


You are already a wonderful singer. I love to listen to the songs you come up with your primordial singing. I know you will grow up to be a beautiful singer because your mommy is one, and the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Or I should say…

The bowling ball!


Grandpa Diary #30


Dear Kaylee,

Why is it so easy for you to smile? This always happens. All we have to do is smile first. We make eye contact with you, wait a bit, and then there it is: Bright smile.

We can learn from this. The urge to smile that we have doesn’t go away when you get older. It is still there. We might be able to resist it, but not for long. You see Kaylee, when you make eye contact and smile at most people, even if they are strangers, they will smile back. It’s just how we are designed by God.

You have a wonderful tool that God uses to bring joy to your mommy and daddy. And, because God has unlimited love, there is more than enough joy to go around. Your mommy is a math teacher, so she will explain to you God’s math. It starts with infinite love. Infinite joy.

So, the more love you give away, the more love you receive. The more joy that you share with others, the more joy you receive. You can’t outgive God. Always more than you need so you can overflow with what he is giving you.

Keep smiling Kaylee- you are making the world around you different.