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Grandpa Diary #111


Dear Kaylee,

I have been on a break from Grandpa Diary, but not from spending lots of time with you and your sister! Let me write of our latest adventure…

It was raining on Grandpa Day (Friday) so we decided to go down to the Natural History Museum. It is located downtown, right by your daddy’s old school. We loved the museum!

Dinosaur bones were everywhere and we couldn’t believe how big the dinosaur’s were. We looked up, up to see the very top. We also got to see all kinds of animals just like at the zoo, although these animals were not alive. There were in dioramas down long hallways and you would run from one to another. You especially like the wolves and the hippos. We also got to see how scientists work in the lab and you saw your hand close up in a microscope.


Then we had the highlight of the trip…you got to visit your daddy at his office! You saw he works in a building in the middle of huge buildings and construction in downtown LA. You ate a banana first, and then we walked to the restaurant and had pizza down by Staple Center. It was so cool to see a tiny coffee shop your great great grandpa used to stop at every day. He started his company way back in 1947!





















What a super cool day for us to spend time with your daddy!