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Grandpa Diary #134 Alexis Is Here!

Dear Alexis Emily-

You made it!

I am writing this for you when you are in, Ohh, say fourth grade.

Here is what happened so far (paraphrasing Psalm 139.13-14 from The Passion Translation)

‘God formed your innermost being, shaping your delicate inside and intricate outside, and wove them all together in your mommy’s womb…’

herman fam

And now, you greet us face-to-face! How exciting to have this new birth into a world of love, hope and joy! To have so many people working for your good becomes so amazing as we who claim you are under the power of the Holy Spirit working though us.


Your first community of love is your mommy and daddy, and your sisters, Kaylee and Elise. You are going to have such an adventure with them!

Then you have the rest of your family of which I can speak for Nana and Grandpa.


We will love and support you without any hesitation, no matter where you go or what you do. To love you is the seek your good any way we can. Your good is what God wants for you. We want what God wants for you. This is how we love your sisters and your mommy and daddy. The core of all of this love is joy. We will be glad to be with you always as God is glad to be with you always.





Grandpa Diary #133


Dear Kaylee and Elise,

I took a break from Grandpa Diary this year, but need to start cranking out new entries…New sister is coming!

Your mommy will have the baby soon, but in the mean time I caught you two practicing. I was at your house, when I looked in on you playing doctor. You two were going through the whole birthing routine with some adjustments by Kaylee!

Click for video

We are all waiting and praying for your mommy and sister’s health…