Grandpa Diary #19

Four Generations of Warriors!!

Dear Kaylee,

What a special day you had yesterday! You are baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. You are now a new child in God’s glorious Kingdom!You are my granddaughter, and now, you are my sister! When you get a little older we’ll talk about how that can be…

Something happened yesterday, Kaylee, that will have significance for eternity. When water was poured out over you, and God’s Word was spoken over you, God’s Spirit touched you with a kiss of new life, and you made sure everyone knew you were joining the rest of us in our battle against the spiritual forces of darkness. Your cry is our battle cry!

Some of our Christian brothers and sisters have a hard time using “warfare” type language when it comes to our faith, and I respect that. Yet, Grandpa is fond of looking at things from a slightly different angle, as you will certainly learn. So, here is what I think you have become part of, through Holy Baptism.

As Christians we aren’t fighting with bullets or bombs. We attack much deeper. We use love as our greatest weapon. Bullets and bombs may defeat and protect, but only love can pierce the soul. Until Jesus brings in God’s rule for good, Kaylee, I’m afraid there will be “wars and rumors of wars,” but, eventually, nothing is going to stop God’s love from winning.

You see, Kaylee, through Jesus, the victory is already complete. Now we are simply mopping up by taking no prisoners. By that I mean, we won’t leave anyone alone without experiencing the love of God. Not if we can help it. There isn’t a person you will ever meet whom God doesn’t love just as much as you. That’s why spreading God’s love and joy, bringing freedom and new life, is the greatest cause in the galaxies! If people want that new life, they get it. No matter who they are, and Kaylee, you need to know, we are God’s secret arsenal.

The way God reaches people is through us using God’s weapons of choice: love, joy, and forgiveness. I already know you are going to be a 5-star general in the “love” and “joy” category. You are already showing your expertise at that!

As far as the forgiveness part is concerned, this is going to have to be something you learn as you watch your mommy and daddy, as you watch me and Nana and all your other relatives; as you watch your brothers and sisters in the Christian Community. It’s up to us to teach you the forgiveness part.We will teach you about Jesus and how he makes forgiveness possible and we will teach you by modeling forgiveness given, and forgiveness received.

So, Kaylee, you let out your battle cry anytime you want. It sounds like victory to me…


2 thoughts on “Grandpa Diary #19

  1. Dear Pastor Dana,
    Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I am enjoying your letters to little Kaylee very much.
    Specially growing up without grandfathers in my life, only one grandmother whom I adored.
    Your granddaughter is such a blessed little girl having you as her grandpa.!
    Please keep me in your prayers Pastor Dana, thank you very much and may God bless you !!

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