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Hoover waiting to eat...

Grandpa Diary #65

Hoover waiting to eat...

Hoover waiting to eat…

Dear Kaylee,

There are things I am learning about food and eating. God designs us to attach to the people who feed us. When we experience joy eating together we bond strongly. When the people who feed us are not emotionally available, we will bond to the remaining source of pleasure which is the food, itself. We are comforted by the food instead of the one who feeds us.

This is why your mommy and daddy sit with you while you are eating. You give them little nibbles of whatever you have to eat. You do this with Nana and Grandpa, too.

Just today I had lunch with you. I sat at the table next to you and you ate and I ate. I had a turkey sandwich with cheese and watermelon.

You had:

animal crackers

So, how come so much food can go into such a little package?
It’s all about variety and portions, I guess…

I think I will call you “Hoover,” our little vacuum cleaner.


Grandpa Diary #64

Dear Kaylee,

Grandpa took a break from doing Grandpa Diary. I have been spending so much time with you, there is just too much to talk about! But, because this is a timeline of our relationship together, I better start posting a bit!

Lately it has been so much fun listening to you talk: With real words (“turtle,” “cookie” are the latest), sign language (“more,” “all done,” “please,” “thank you”), and jabber (“Kaylee talk” I can actually understand and so jabber back).

Your latest communication is give blessings. This was easy to teach. You can point to many body parts and so I just connected “Where’s Kaylee’s head?” Where’s Grandpa’s head?” with the word “Blessing.”

“Grandpa gives Kaylee a blessing.” “Give Grandpa a blessing.”

This works out well. Ask your mommy about blessings. This was a nighttime ritual for her all her growing up years. We would pray and talk and bless each other.

Grandpa and mommy’s friend (“Uncle Rich”) even wrote a book about this.

This is easy for you to do, Kaylee. Grandpa has a huge shaved head that makes a good target!

God Bless, Kaylee,