Grandpa Diary #130

Dear Kaylee,

We had a great time last week. I picked you up at school Thursday afternoon and then we went to McDonalds for a snack. After that we went to the park. Your mommy had Elise, during this time, so she wasn’t home, yet. We met your dad at home and then we went to the store. By that time you were exhausted, so I put you in a cart!  Later we all ate steak for dinner and finally, you and Elise went to bed. So, did Grandpa! I was going to watch Elise on Grandpa Day Friday, anyway, so I just stayed overnight.

kaylee sleeping at store

It’s Friday morning and I walked with you to school for the first time. It is a very nice walk through the paseos and is only one mile. There was a small challenge, however, as you walk so much faster than I do! After Grandpa finally caught up you played at the park next to your school for a bit and then I dropped you off at the gate.

walking to school

I went home and got Elise and we started our day with breakfast at Dink’s Restaurant. Then we played and picked you up at school. The day ended with the three of us driving back to my house and you got to see Nana! After a delicious lunch at “George’s” it was time to play a bit and then mommy picked you up.


How much fun was that? “Way fun,” as you like to say!



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