Grandpa Diary #131 Halloween and Elise’s Birthday!

Dear Kaylee and Elise,

IMG_0813IMG_0807IMG_0796Halloween 2018 copy


Last week was a busy one for you and Grandpa. First, on Halloween, Grandpa came out with you trick or treating. The scariest house was the clown house where there were fake clowns playing in the yard, and then one of the clowns was real!


The next day I came over at night and played with you and slept over. Then the next day Elise and Grandpa played at the park until it was time to get Kaylee at school. Then we went to McDonald’s and Kaylee’s friend Sofia was there! We played some more and then we went home and your mommy and daddy got to go to a movie and have dinner. Grandpa stayed over that night, too.

Then at 4:15 am Elise comes into my room and shouts, “Happy Birthday, Grandpa!”

Except it wasn’t my birthday Elise, it was yours! Three years old!

Kaylee came into bed too and while Grandpa was trying to get a little more sleep, you were playing patty cake the covers. Then Grandpa went home, but he came back with Nana and Uncle David and Uncle Greg because we had a birthday party!

That’s four days in a row for Grandpa and you wore him out. But, I will be ready again this Friday!



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