Grandpa Diary #129

Dear Kaylee,

Now you are a kindergartner and we don’t have you at our house during the week when your mommy is teaching. That’s alright…I still see you because I will pick you up some times at your school and then we do Kaylee/ grandpa stuff, anyway!

So far, we have done this two times. We have gone for food (ice cream is food, right?) and then to the park until mommy and daddy come home. Here is what I am learning…

You have gone from a big preschool, that I really like, Christ Lutheran Valencia, to a much bigger public school. You have done very well at the new school, but there is no way you know all the kids. Maybe in your class, but not in the school!

So, what does this mean? Here is what I am predicting.

Most kids will want to play with you.

All of us have tried to make sure you are the kind of kid other kids want to play with.

Also, you are the kind of kid your teachers enjoy having you around. Maybe a chatterbox, but wait until your sister get’s there!

And guess what else?

You will begin to connect with kids who other kids have a hard time playing with. Why do I know this?

Because that’s what grandpa did when he was a kid, and if grandpa did that, who would also do that? Let’s guess…Maybe your mommy?

This will take some time, but you are probably going to end up making life better for some kids, rather than worse. Most people don’t even think about that, but actually- that’s a pretty big deal…



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