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Grandpa Diary #107

Dear Kaylee,

When we go to the zoo, you always tell me you don’t like snakes and lizards, but you want to see them anyway and on Friday, you petted a snake again. But, when it comes time to brush the goats and see the Shetland pony, you remember you put your hand through the fence by the pony and he nipped at you. So, now you decide to tell me why you are going to see the pony again.

It’s interesting that you use a new phrase when you are telling me why you are not afraid. Normally you say, “I’m not afraid because God protects me.”

This time it is different.

“I’m not afraid because God saves me.”

I’m glad you are coming more and more into a deeper relationship with God who adores you, protects you, and yes, saves you.

O, by the way…the name of Jesus in the Hebrew language that he used for prayer is- “Yeshua.”

This means “God saves!” ¬†Yeshua….Jesus…we are not afraid….