Grandpa Diary #80

Dear Kaylee,

Grandpa is going to start being more consistent. Once a week. That’s how frequent I will be with our blog posts. Once a week.

The reason I put a time frequency on the blog is a simple fact. Soon a little sister is going to show up and I will be waxing eloquent about her, frequently. So, Kaylee and Kaylee’s sister…Can’t wait…

Right now, I am enjoying Kaylee present. You are growing mentally, physically, and spiritually daily. You are especially focused when it comes to puzzles and people.

Language, of course, is the the most fun of all. Whether it is you speaking new phrases or me teaching new words, we are having a blast!

I especially love how you told me not to eat until we prayed first…

Kaylee, you are a delight to be sharing life with…Thank you, Lord…Let’s see what comes up tomorrow…


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