Grandpa Diary #105








Dear Kaylee,


You have expanded my life in so many ways. Here are five.


5. I am more patient now than I ever was. Interesting how you learn to take time if someone wants to tight rope walk on every curb (always holding grandpa’s hand of course).

4. I hum better. Your nanna knows I hum, and it drives her a bit batty, but you simply imitate me and so we hum our way through so many things in life.

3. I notice things I haven’t noticed in years. Different birds chirping, dogs barking from blocks away, lizards scampering and the best of all, someone who notices when her Grandpa enters a room.

2. I am constantly inspired at how great a mommy and daddy you have.

1.I am amazed by how much of a gift of blessing your nanna is to you and how it keeps growing.


Happy Birthday, Sweet sweets!





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