Christmas Eve

Grandpa Diary #93

Christmas Eve

Dear Kaylee and Elise,

Jesus loves you and is your friend. You will know him more and more as you grow. Elise, Kaylee is ready to tell you about Jesus, just as your mommy and daddy and me and all the rest of those people who love you and love him.

Jesus makes sure we pass down his love through our actions, our words, and our traditions.

At Christmas we remember Jesus is the light of the world, and we worship him together at Candlelight Christmas Eve Communion. It is a beautiful time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Jesus also likes to eat a lot and so we have a special Christmas Eve dinner with your families. You can eat many different foods at Christmas, so this year Grandpa had Lobster Ravioli!

Whatever the traditions, ways for many generations to celebrate Jesus is what it is all about. You will learn this more and more.



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