facetime grandpa

Grandpa Diary #82

Dear Kaylee,


Nana and Grandpa just got back from Maui. We were gone for 12 days but it seemed like 100 without being with you! Facetime works O.K. except you always want to hold it yourself and you turn off all the buttons!

Nana and I saw many turtles which are your favorites. One of your first words. We swam in the ocean, ate good food, and looked for your purple bucket. You know, the one you lost at Pt. Dune Beach in the waves? Grandpa told you the purple bucket would float over to Maui and we would get it when we were there, but we haven’t found it yet. We’ll keep looking next time we are there.















You sure are getting excited to see your new baby sister! Your mommy is too. She is carrying your baby sister everywhere, and she is heavy. When mommy is carrying you, too, she is carrying two daughters at the same time. Now that is a lot of love!


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