Grandpa Diary #111


Dear Kaylee,

I have been on a break from Grandpa Diary, but not from spending lots of time with you and your sister! Let me write of our latest adventure…

It was raining on Grandpa Day (Friday) so we decided to go down to the Natural History Museum. It is located downtown, right by your daddy’s old school. We loved the museum!

Dinosaur bones were everywhere and we couldn’t believe how big the dinosaur’s were. We looked up, up to see the very top. We also got to see all kinds of animals just like at the zoo, although these animals were not alive. There were in dioramas down long hallways and you would run from one to another. You especially like the wolves and the hippos. We also got to see how scientists work in the lab and you saw your hand close up in a microscope.


Then we had the highlight of the trip…you got to visit your daddy at his office! You saw he works in a building in the middle of huge buildings and construction in downtown LA. You ate a banana first, and then we walked to the restaurant and had pizza down by Staple Center. It was so cool to see a tiny coffee shop your great great grandpa used to stop at every day. He started his company way back in 1947!





















What a super cool day for us to spend time with your daddy!



Grandpa Diary #110

Kaylee thanksgivingDear Kaylee and Elise,

Grandpa loves Thanksgiving because it gives him a chance to thank God for my two wonderful granddaughters!

Kaylee, I am thankful for how you automatically hold my hand when we go anywhere and it fits perfect…

Elise, I am thankful you start laughing with your crinkled grin when you see Grandpa…




Kaylee, I am thankful you hum when you are with me, because I hum when I am with you…

Elise, I am thankful that you are so willing to be tossed and tumbled by your sister and how you just stare at her hoping to get her joyful response when you are doing something…

We will spend Thanksgiving with all of you and Grandma and Grandpa G are with us, too!

See you tomorrow…





Grandpa Diary #109 Elise is One!


Dear Elise,

Happy Birthday to you! I am excited that you are one years old today. When you came over this morning you did your normal routine. You find me wherever I am whether it is in the office, my bedroom, even the bathroom! Then you grab my leg and start making funny noises.

You have had such a full year. You are learning to handle the rough stuff from your sister, but your mommy and daddy protect you from too much. Kaylee loves you so much and she smiles and laughs every time she looks at you. Actually, you make everybody smile and laugh!

I wanted one  picture of you and me when you were one, so when Nana came to church to visit, I asked her to take this picture. My favorite time of quiet when I am holding you close. I love you so much and am so happy to be your grandpa. We have many adventures waiting for us…



Grandpa Diary #108


Dear Kaylee,


We had quite a Grandpa Day on Friday. First, we went to your preschool, Christ Lutheran in Santa Clarita. Grandpa is so happy you have such a great school! I met your teachers, your friends, and a whole bunch of animals. It was a special day because Wildlife Learning Center brought several furry and fun guests. You saw an alligator, hedgehog, porcupine, chinchilla, bunny, fox, servel cat, hissing cockroach, and a snake! Then they took out the surprise….a huge snake bigger than Grandpa is tall!


Sure enough, you were brave enough to pet the snake…Something my daughter, your mommy would never do! But, touching the big cockroach? No, thank you.


Then we left and were driving back down to our house when you said, “Grandpa, let’s go to the Zoo!”


The zoo it was. We had our usual full day at the zoo. Petting the goats, looking at the Halloween decorations and I had my usual, watching you go back and forth back and forth as you always do. Playing wherever you find yourself. Where do you get all that energy? I had my fitbit watch on and I put in over five miles in our excursions. But, you don’t just walk in a straight line. You have to take a hundred breaks walking around trees, tightroping on curbs, and splashing (it rained) in puddles all along the way.


Here is what we are going to do next time. I am going to put the fitbit around your ankle and then see how many miles you walk compared to me when we are traveling to the same places!




Grandpa Diary #107

Dear Kaylee,

When we go to the zoo, you always tell me you don’t like snakes and lizards, but you want to see them anyway and on Friday, you petted a snake again. But, when it comes time to brush the goats and see the Shetland pony, you remember you put your hand through the fence by the pony and he nipped at you. So, now you decide to tell me why you are going to see the pony again.

It’s interesting that you use a new phrase when you are telling me why you are not afraid. Normally you say, “I’m not afraid because God protects me.”

This time it is different.

“I’m not afraid because God saves me.”

I’m glad you are coming more and more into a deeper relationship with God who adores you, protects you, and yes, saves you.

O, by the way…the name of Jesus in the Hebrew language that he used for prayer is- “Yeshua.”

This means “God saves!”  Yeshua….Jesus…we are not afraid….



Grandpa Diary #106












Dear Elise,

Your mommy is back teaching school and so Nana and Grandpa get to be with you every week day! It is so much fun for Grandpa, because there are extra times I can be with you and watch you grow. You are rio much fun because you like to do everything.  I call you easy-going and full of joy and wonder.

It is a challenge being a baby sister, though. Kaylee has a hard time letting you play with her toys. Your mommy has a good rule to follow. Kaylee can’t take a toy away from you without replacing it with another toy to play with. That seems to work much better…

Kaylee is in preschool two days a week, so you get extra Nana time. I notice that hierarchy when it comes from quieting after you are upset. If mommy or daddy is around, you want them. Then Nana is next in line. Then me. Nana likes to tease me by holding you and then saying, “Do you want to go to Grandpa?” You get a real big smile on your face, reach over for me, and then you turn and hug Nana tight, instead!

That’s OK with me, because I get plenty of hugs:)



Grandpa Diary #105








Dear Kaylee,


You have expanded my life in so many ways. Here are five.


5. I am more patient now than I ever was. Interesting how you learn to take time if someone wants to tight rope walk on every curb (always holding grandpa’s hand of course).

4. I hum better. Your nanna knows I hum, and it drives her a bit batty, but you simply imitate me and so we hum our way through so many things in life.

3. I notice things I haven’t noticed in years. Different birds chirping, dogs barking from blocks away, lizards scampering and the best of all, someone who notices when her Grandpa enters a room.

2. I am constantly inspired at how great a mommy and daddy you have.

1.I am amazed by how much of a gift of blessing your nanna is to you and how it keeps growing.


Happy Birthday, Sweet sweets!





Grandpa Diary #104















Dear Elise,

You are eight months old now and the exciting news is you know how to say, “Momma!” Usually this means, “Grandpa you can’t hold me right now because I want to eat.”

We went to the Santa Clarita 4th of July parade. Your mommy likes to take comparison pictures by dressing you the same as Kaylee on some occasions. Well, Grandpa forgot her methodology and wore the wrong hat! It doesn’t matter though, you really do look like you older sister. And you keep your hat on longer than she does, too.

Good job, Elise!




Grandpa Diary #103


Dear Kaylee,

Well, mommy is off for summer now, so Friday was our last Grandpa Day for awhile. We will still do stuff together, but not our normal routine.


Our last zoo trip was memorable because you decided to face two of your fears head on! You pet a snake and a skink! A skink looks like a lizard with two heads. The zoo volunteers were giving these hands-on experiences and you decided to take advantage of this without Grandpa spurring you on.


Then, since this was a special day,  you had your face painted with a tiger motif. To top it all off, Grandpa got stung in the thumb but a bee…


What a day!