Grandpa Diary #122


Dear Kaylee and Elise,

When we spend time together it is so much fun watching you (Elise) as you have to copy everything Kaylee is doing instantly! This will not happen forever, but it is a very good thing as long as Kaylee is providing a good model.

Of course, sometimes you (Kaylee) do what Elise does. The stream of being a model flows both ways, doesn’t it? Now, if we can just get you both to respect who’s is what with markers, toys, etc. etc. but that is all part of learning to live in community…



Grandpa Diary #120

santa cry 25075152_10212409547088551_6915859559816098555_ophoto booth

Dear Elise and Kaylee,


How much fun is it to spend this Christmas time with you? Lots!! We have been reading Christmas stories, singing Christmas songs, and we had so much fun at your Preschool Christmas program.


Kaylee, you were so attentive and sang all the songs with all the hand motions as if your life depended on it! This so much reminded me of your mommy when she was your age and in our churches’ preschool Christmas. It doesn’t seem that many years ago…


Elise and Kaylee, you had such a fun time being in the wedding of your Aunt Kelly and Uncle Sam. We had so much fun, and Nana and I loved watching you dance! Grandpa couldn’t dance with you because he hurt his leg, but watching was almost as good.


Elise, Santa brings you presents even if you don’t want to sit on his lap! Nana and I tried again when Santa visited by our house, but that didn’t work, either. Oh, well, even though Santa is a nice man, I don’t want to sit on his lap, either!


More stories to come the next couple of weeks as Christmas gets closer…




Grandpa Diary #119


Dear Elise,


Well, you are two years old now! It was so much fun celebrating your birthday on Friday, but I guess I realized for the first time it is a really big week for you because of how much you like Halloween! It’s only three days before! Your mommy always loved Halloween, so of course, you and your sister love it, too.


Your mommy is used to having a birthday close to another special day because her birthday is only two days after Christmas. Lots of things happening at once.


I got a special treat for Halloween this year. I got to go trick or treating with you! Usually Nana goes out by you and I stay home to hand out candy, but this year Nana stayed home to hand out candy and went out by you.


We had such a great time! All you did was go to a few houses, and then began eating candy. You didn’t need to stock up anymore, because your sister would go to the door and the people would give her candy, and then they would see you in the wagon we pulled along, and they would give her candy for you, too! I don’t know how this set up is going to last, but you sure enjoyed it.


Well, now we have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. And Aunt Kelly and Uncle Sam are getting married, too. We will have so much fun!


By the way, do you have any candy left?




Grandpa Diary #118

Dear Kaylee and Elise,
Guess what? Nana and Grandpa’s friends, Mike and Debee Jusko are new grandparent’s! Their son, one of your mommy’s friends, Eric Jusko, and his wife Kelsie are new parents! They had a beautiful baby girl Landri Belle.

Nana and Grandpa know Eric very well since he was a little boy and are so excited that now he is a daddy! He is always fun to play with, so Landri will get to play with him like you get to play with your daddy. Kelsie is really kind and fun, too, and will be such a great mommy. It’s always special to become a grandparent like we became when you both were born.
Now Mike and Debee will show us pictures and talk a lot about Landri because that’s part of a grandparent’s job. She is so special to them already and she didn’t have to do anything to be so special and loved! That’s how God loves us. He loves us so, so much and we don’t have to do anything about it.

That’s how God thinks of you. You are his daughters, too, and he adores you! Even more than your mommy and daddy and grandpa and nana…When you get older, you will begin to understand how that could be. In the meantime, I’ll keep giving you hugs for God…



Grandpa Diary #117


Dear Elise,

How exciting you have started preschool with your sister! You are going two days a week, so Nana and I still get to see you three days. We will miss those days, but we know that you are growing up and we are so excited to have you start your new adventure! You have the same teacher as Kaylee, and your classroom us next to hers. There is even a window between your classes so Kaylee can sneak a look!

Knowing you, I am sure you are playing and talking up a storm. Just remember that nap-time means nap-time:)

Well, I am looking forward to more pictures and art projects to put up on my Grandpa Wall!



Grandpa Diary #116





Dear Kaylee and Elise,

You will have a new auntie in your life, very soon! Yes, Uncle Greg asked Becca to marry him! Her engagement ring was hidden in a scoop of ice cream at their favorite ice cream shop Salt and Straw. Auntie Becca loves ice cream just like two little girls I know…

Auntie Becca

You know Auntie Becca well because you like to play with her and she is a real good player, as she is a preschool teacher. You will have lots of fun as you grow older with a wonderful new family member!




Grandpa Diary #115

Dear Kaylee,


Well, you did it! You are now four years old! It is such a wonderful time in your exploring life. You are having so much fun finding out about your world and the people in it. You have such a great sense of humor and you are kind to those around you, even your baby sister, Elise! So, what did we do on your birthday?




























This whole last week you have been doing many fun things because your mommy’s cousin, Liz and her fiancé, Nate came to visit you. We had lots of adventures while they were here.

We went to the Reagan Library to see exhibits about one of our presidents and you got to go on his special jet and helicopter. We also saw a whole bunch of things about the Titanic.

Then on the night before your birthday, we went out to eat and you go a great big ice cream Sunday all by yourself! Your birthday party with family and your friends will be Sunday. I won’t say anything about it, yet, but will keep you posted.



Grandpa Dairy #114


Dear Elise,

Well, Grandpa Diary is back after a hiatus. We have been so busy living life together, I keep forgetting to pause and write about it! So, here goes.

Elise, I know you love your sister. You call her, “Sissy.” She likes to call you, “Baby.” You follow her everywhere she goes. You try to imitate everything she does. This is good…well, most of the time. Just don’t do the stuff that gets you into trouble.

It is so fun to watch the two of you play. Adults work and children play. Your play is not just something you do for fun, but plays an important role in your development. Playing together even helps your brains grow in a healthy way!

Why? By playing together you work on learning to build relationships, and the joy you share helps to grow your brains. When you have conflict you learn to deal with it…or at least until Mommy or Daddy intervenes! One of my favorite times to watch you two together is when you are playing duets on our piano. Just remember, fingers, not slamming down with your whole hand!

Another thing you are learning is there is yours and there is mine. I know it gets confusing to tell the difference sometimes. Then the tug-of-war for whatever toy or other object begins. Eventually, you will learn there is enough to go around when you play together, but in the meantime, go at it; I get a certain amount of entertainment watching you tussle for awhile…



Grandpa Diary #113


Dear Elise,

Grandpa loves to spend time with you, of course! I see you every week day when mommy and daddy are at work because Nana watches you. I get to have breakfast and a little play time first.

But, what about when your mommy’s school has a free day? Well, it is Grandpa Day, after all, so I went up to have breakfast with you and go on a bike with mommy and Kaylee. We had so much fun seeing all the wonders of nature. Everything is a wonder to you!

Here is a picture of you eating breakfast. You eat anything, unlike your sister who is a bit more selective…You started eating cream cheese right out of the container and some ended up on your nose! Hopefully this picture will make you laugh when you are older…