Grandpa Diary #76

Beaching it!

Beaching it!

Dear Kaylee,

You know how much you love birds. We go outside early in the morning so you can hear them say good morning. There are mainly sparrows and mourning doves. You know the difference between them, though when you mimic the mourning dove you sound like you are doing an owl! There is even a mourning dove Mommy in a nest in the tree in front of our house sitting on her eggs, waiting for them to hatch.

Today, I was golfing with my friend, Scott, when we saw a bird flapping around in a sand trap, but not able to fly out. On closer look, the bird had a kite string caught in her wing. Lot’s of string! You and I like to fly a kite so you know what that is.

Remember when we were at the beach and that seagull swooped down and stole you string cheese out of your hand? Knocked you over! We both got mad at that bird and we were also a bit afraid.

I like birds but I don’t like to touch them. But, I remembered Jesus likes birds and so I better help the sparrow in the sand. I was able to step on the string so she couldn’t away from me and then I grabbed her softly with one hand, while she struggled and tried to bite me!

I kind of petted her with my other hand and said, “We are both God’s creatures and I am here to help you,” and guess what Kaylee? The bird relaxed and didn’t move while I untied the string that had gotten caught in her wings. It worked, and I let her go, and she flew right into the tree and started chirping.

“Thanks for the help, Kaylee’s grandpa!”


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