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Letters to my little Kaylee…

Grandpa Diary #118

Dear Kaylee and Elise,
Guess what? Nana and Grandpa’s friends, Mike and Debee Jusko are new grandparent’s! Their son, one of your mommy’s friends, Eric Jusko, and his wife Kelsie are new parents! They had a beautiful baby girl Landri Belle.

Nana and Grandpa know Eric very well since he was a little boy and are so excited that now he is a daddy! He is always fun to play with, so Landri will get to play with him like you get to play with your daddy. Kelsie is really kind and fun, too, and will be such a great mommy. It’s always special to become a grandparent like we became when you both were born.
Now Mike and Debee will show us pictures and talk a lot about Landri because that’s part of a grandparent’s job. She is so special to them already and she didn’t have to do anything to be so special and loved! That’s how God loves us. He loves us so, so much and we don’t have to do anything about it.

That’s how God thinks of you. You are his daughters, too, and he adores you! Even more than your mommy and daddy and grandpa and nana…When you get older, you will begin to understand how that could be. In the meantime, I’ll keep giving you hugs for God…



Grandpa Diary #117


Dear Elise,

How exciting you have started preschool with your sister! You are going two days a week, so Nana and I still get to see you three days. We will miss those days, but we know that you are growing up and we are so excited to have you start your new adventure! You have the same teacher as Kaylee, and your classroom us next to hers. There is even a window between your classes so Kaylee can sneak a look!

Knowing you, I am sure you are playing and talking up a storm. Just remember that nap-time means nap-time:)

Well, I am looking forward to more pictures and art projects to put up on my Grandpa Wall!



Grandpa Diary #116





Dear Kaylee and Elise,

You will have a new auntie in your life, very soon! Yes, Uncle Greg asked Becca to marry him! Her engagement ring was hidden in a scoop of ice cream at their favorite ice cream shop Salt and Straw. Auntie Becca loves ice cream just like two little girls I know…

Auntie Becca

You know Auntie Becca well because you like to play with her and she is a real good player, as she is a preschool teacher. You will have lots of fun as you grow older with a wonderful new family member!




Grandpa Diary #115

Dear Kaylee,


Well, you did it! You are now four years old! It is such a wonderful time in your exploring life. You are having so much fun finding out about your world and the people in it. You have such a great sense of humor and you are kind to those around you, even your baby sister, Elise! So, what did we do on your birthday?




























This whole last week you have been doing many fun things because your mommy’s cousin, Liz and her fiancé, Nate came to visit you. We had lots of adventures while they were here.

We went to the Reagan Library to see exhibits about one of our presidents and you got to go on his special jet and helicopter. We also saw a whole bunch of things about the Titanic.

Then on the night before your birthday, we went out to eat and you go a great big ice cream Sunday all by yourself! Your birthday party with family and your friends will be Sunday. I won’t say anything about it, yet, but will keep you posted.



Grandpa Dairy #114


Dear Elise,

Well, Grandpa Diary is back after a hiatus. We have been so busy living life together, I keep forgetting to pause and write about it! So, here goes.

Elise, I know you love your sister. You call her, “Sissy.” She likes to call you, “Baby.” You follow her everywhere she goes. You try to imitate everything she does. This is good…well, most of the time. Just don’t do the stuff that gets you into trouble.

It is so fun to watch the two of you play. Adults work and children play. Your play is not just something you do for fun, but plays an important role in your development. Playing together even helps your brains grow in a healthy way!

Why? By playing together you work on learning to build relationships, and the joy you share helps to grow your brains. When you have conflict you learn to deal with it…or at least until Mommy or Daddy intervenes! One of my favorite times to watch you two together is when you are playing duets on our piano. Just remember, fingers, not slamming down with your whole hand!

Another thing you are learning is there is yours and there is mine. I know it gets confusing to tell the difference sometimes. Then the tug-of-war for whatever toy or other object begins. Eventually, you will learn there is enough to go around when you play together, but in the meantime, go at it; I get a certain amount of entertainment watching you tussle for awhile…



Grandpa Diary #113


Dear Elise,

Grandpa loves to spend time with you, of course! I see you every week day when mommy and daddy are at work because Nana watches you. I get to have breakfast and a little play time first.

But, what about when your mommy’s school has a free day? Well, it is Grandpa Day, after all, so I went up to have breakfast with you and go on a bike with mommy and Kaylee. We had so much fun seeing all the wonders of nature. Everything is a wonder to you!

Here is a picture of you eating breakfast. You eat anything, unlike your sister who is a bit more selective…You started eating cream cheese right out of the container and some ended up on your nose! Hopefully this picture will make you laugh when you are older…



Grandpa Diary #111


Dear Kaylee,

I have been on a break from Grandpa Diary, but not from spending lots of time with you and your sister! Let me write of our latest adventure…

It was raining on Grandpa Day (Friday) so we decided to go down to the Natural History Museum. It is located downtown, right by your daddy’s old school. We loved the museum!

Dinosaur bones were everywhere and we couldn’t believe how big the dinosaur’s were. We looked up, up to see the very top. We also got to see all kinds of animals just like at the zoo, although these animals were not alive. There were in dioramas down long hallways and you would run from one to another. You especially like the wolves and the hippos. We also got to see how scientists work in the lab and you saw your hand close up in a microscope.


Then we had the highlight of the trip…you got to visit your daddy at his office! You saw he works in a building in the middle of huge buildings and construction in downtown LA. You ate a banana first, and then we walked to the restaurant and had pizza down by Staple Center. It was so cool to see a tiny coffee shop your great great grandpa used to stop at every day. He started his company way back in 1947!





















What a super cool day for us to spend time with your daddy!



Grandpa Diary #110

Kaylee thanksgivingDear Kaylee and Elise,

Grandpa loves Thanksgiving because it gives him a chance to thank God for my two wonderful granddaughters!

Kaylee, I am thankful for how you automatically hold my hand when we go anywhere and it fits perfect…

Elise, I am thankful you start laughing with your crinkled grin when you see Grandpa…




Kaylee, I am thankful you hum when you are with me, because I hum when I am with you…

Elise, I am thankful that you are so willing to be tossed and tumbled by your sister and how you just stare at her hoping to get her joyful response when you are doing something…

We will spend Thanksgiving with all of you and Grandma and Grandpa G are with us, too!

See you tomorrow…





Grandpa Diary #109 Elise is One!


Dear Elise,

Happy Birthday to you! I am excited that you are one years old today. When you came over this morning you did your normal routine. You find me wherever I am whether it is in the office, my bedroom, even the bathroom! Then you grab my leg and start making funny noises.

You have had such a full year. You are learning to handle the rough stuff from your sister, but your mommy and daddy protect you from too much. Kaylee loves you so much and she smiles and laughs every time she looks at you. Actually, you make everybody smile and laugh!

I wanted one  picture of you and me when you were one, so when Nana came to church to visit, I asked her to take this picture. My favorite time of quiet when I am holding you close. I love you so much and am so happy to be your grandpa. We have many adventures waiting for us…



Grandpa Diary #108


Dear Kaylee,


We had quite a Grandpa Day on Friday. First, we went to your preschool, Christ Lutheran in Santa Clarita. Grandpa is so happy you have such a great school! I met your teachers, your friends, and a whole bunch of animals. It was a special day because Wildlife Learning Center brought several furry and fun guests. You saw an alligator, hedgehog, porcupine, chinchilla, bunny, fox, servel cat, hissing cockroach, and a snake! Then they took out the surprise….a huge snake bigger than Grandpa is tall!


Sure enough, you were brave enough to pet the snake…Something my daughter, your mommy would never do! But, touching the big cockroach? No, thank you.


Then we left and were driving back down to our house when you said, “Grandpa, let’s go to the Zoo!”


The zoo it was. We had our usual full day at the zoo. Petting the goats, looking at the Halloween decorations and I had my usual, watching you go back and forth back and forth as you always do. Playing wherever you find yourself. Where do you get all that energy? I had my fitbit watch on and I put in over five miles in our excursions. But, you don’t just walk in a straight line. You have to take a hundred breaks walking around trees, tightroping on curbs, and splashing (it rained) in puddles all along the way.


Here is what we are going to do next time. I am going to put the fitbit around your ankle and then see how many miles you walk compared to me when we are traveling to the same places!